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"It is not a liberty of circumstance, conceded to us alone, that we wish; it is the adoption absolute of the principle that no person, born red, black or white, can be the property of his fellow human."

-Toussaint Louverture

CDCR Creating a Healing Society In-Prison Program

This transformative educational program addresses the impact of human emotional pain and trauma as the root cause and driving force of crime, violence, homelessness, incarceration, unhealthy relationships, and other forms of anti-social and/or self-destructive behavior. It will change the way you view the world. “Creating a Healing Society” can be scheduled for any group of 10 or more. Contact us at 661-948-8559 for more information.

We have provided this trauma-based rehabilitative programming each week for thousands of people for almost twenty consecutive years, and we are currently operating classes in multiple California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation facilities. We have also provided case management, housing, and transportation services for hundreds of people on parole over our 25+ years of operation.

It is an empirically established fact that trauma, particularly from adverse childhood experiences, has a devastating impact on all human beings. This is an especially important reality for those who are incarcerated and those leaving prisons and jails, significantly traumatic experiences.

Our award-winning, flagship prison rehabilitative class, co-written with a person in prison and our free-world executive staff, the Creating a Healing Society Program (CHSP), explores the significance of human emotional pain and trauma as a major underlying cause of the most serious problems facing our society today. Those without healthy support, particularly traumatized people, too often engage in self-destructive and/or antisocial behaviors.

The Catalyst Foundation stands as a solid link in the chain of support that must undergird the transition from a purely punitive-based system to a social system based on healing and compassion.

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"I want to thank everyone who had a part in creating the course for us. I want you to know that you have changed my life forever, and promise to forever be the change I want to see in the world."

-Ruben Bernal, 2024 Healing Society Program Participant